3 Ways to Pick the Perfect Website Domain

CONGRATULATIONS, BRAVO! You’ve done it! You picked the PERFECT business name. Now it’s time to register your company domain and build a website. One problem, what should that very important website domain name be?

This blog will discuss 3 ways to pick that perfect domain name, BUT, we want you to keep something very important in mind during this process…



DO NOT search to see if your domain is available through a provider until you are 100% ready to buy it at that time. The reason? Many providers sell their search history to third party vendors. In turn these domains are purchased, if the name is considered viable, by that third party.

What happens is the next time you search to buy that domain it has already been purchased by someone else. Even worse, they try to sell it to you at a very high cost.

A way around this? Try typing your desired domain name directly into the web browser address bar at the top of your screen. If you get a website it is obviously already taken. But if nothing loads, there is a very good chance that domain name is available.

Now, onto the good stuff…

#1 – Is Your Exact Company “.com” Domain Available?

If this is available, get it! Having your company name and website as the same name is the easiest way for people to remember your domain name.

#2 – Does your Company Have a Nickname? 

Perhaps your company name has already been registered. Does your company have a nickname? This is also a great option as a domain name! For example, our company name might be Cassio Marketing Solutions, however, our registered domain name is CassioMarketing.com. The word “Solutions” does not add any additional value to the domain name and CassioMarketing.com gets the point across just as well.

#3 – What is Your Company’s Mission? 

Sometimes every domain name that you search for has already been registered. That is completely ok!!! Our next suggestion? Use your company‘s mission or slogan as your domain name! For example, “YourFitnessBlogger.com” could be used by a personal online fitness coach.



Consistency is Key…

Make sure social media handles are available to keep them all the same.

What to Avoid…

Try to avoid double letters whenever possible. “Laura’s Sweet Bakery” business might have a tough time navigating people to their website if that double “S” is entered incorrectly.

Check On This…

Spell out your company name as one whole word to see if other words appear. If your company name is “Palm Springs Excavating”, your website could possibly be www.palmspringsexcavating.com. Unfortunately the word “sex” appears front and center and could subliminally deter people from your business. We’re not saying to change your company name but just consider different options before making a final decision.



Whatever you choose, try to keep it simple! People remember simple! CHEERS AND GOOD LUCK.


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