Rita Kay Jewelry




Rita Kay Jewelry

Rita Krill, owner of Rita Kay Jewelry, came to us at the very beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. We advized her on the business name, helped with ideas for her signature collection, assisted with product photography direction, and so much more! Rita was a pleasure to work with on this branding project and has made the projects since an absolute joy!

This luxury brand was inspired by a precious stone, the diamond! Diamonds are known for their unmatched brilliance, as is Rita. Careful attention to detail was taken while crafting this exquisite logo concept to make sure we encompassed strength, love, and invincibility; all of which are associated with a diamond. The richness within the brand truly represents every facet of Rita‘s company values while creating a timeless and classic mark. The brand is powerful, yet approachable. Strong, but soft. Luxe and opulent. This is – Rita Kay Jewelry.

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