Certified Master Mindpower Coach





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Carlene Murray is a Certified Master Mindpower Coach located in Naples, Florida and serves clients worldwide. Over the last few years, her brand has grown tremendously and she found herself needing an aesthetic that reflected these massive changes.

Since we had worked with Carlene in her other business endeavors, we knew exactly what was needed to elevate her brand’s style. After our initial meeting, Carlene LOVED everything we presented and ZERO changes were needed.

Carlene Murray is extremely strong on her own – represented in the solid capital ‘C’ in the monogram of her logo. She always preaches to her clients that life is not linear – represented in the sharp “zig zag” and broken appearance of the ‘M’ in her monogram. Lastly, Carlene teaches her clients that although she is strong, even she needs some help sometimes – represented in the portion of the ‘M’ that is “holding” up the ‘C’ in the monogram.

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